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Kokonat's Relaxing Vintage Playlist
Found us from our videos on Instagram? Perhaps you fell in love with the soundtracks as much as the blends. Check out our playlist.

Iced Caramel Latte w/ Vanilla Whipped Cream

Simple, sweet and so easy to whip up, iced caramel latte with fluffy whipped cream is one of the best ways to start the day. If this isn’t at the top of your breakfast menu or at least an addition, it just might be after

mango and strawberry smoothie

Mango & Strawberry Smoothie

What else screams tropical paradise in a glass better than a mango and strawberry smoothie? I love pairing these two fruits together because it simply works! Mango’s sweetness and strawberry’s zestiness is a match made in heaven.  For the base of the smoothie, this recipe

matcha latte

Very Simple Matcha Latte Recipe

Earlier this year, I tried the most delicious matcha latte at Cafe One in Gangnam. After the first sip of my smooth and creamy green liquid, I was shooked and hooked.  On my 11-hour flight return home, I set out to recreate my own matcha-cha-cha

lemonade seltzer with lavender honey

Lemonade Seltzer with Hawaiian Noni & Lavender

Lemonade is a classic analeptic for any scorching summer affair. Many enjoy lemonade as is, while other prefer to add ingredients like mint and cucumber – my mother’s favourite combination. I prefer mine with a blend of Hawaiian Noni, sparkling water and lavender honey. If

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